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Quality Assurance

Brownlow Radiators: Health & safety

Here at Brownlow Radiators, health and safety is something we treat with the utmost importance. Due to the nature of our industry, we believe that along with the quality of our products, the well-being of our customers is a crucial factor.

To demonstrate this, we have the BS EN 9001: 2008 certifications. These are globally recognised qualifications which ensure that as a company, we comply with every relevant health and safety aspect. Brownlow Heat Transfer Ltd is absolutely committed to these standards and therefore understands every requirement of our quality policy.

To guarantee that we comply with the BS EN 9001: 2008 certification, we have an established an trusted policy whereby we operate a quality assurance system. This means that no matter how experienced our staff, these all important criteria are adhered to every time.

We not only endeavour to achieve first class health and safety standards through the aforementioned ISO certification. We also ensure this is the case through the production of top quality products which are perfect for their intended use. When ordering radiators or other appliances through Brownlow Radiators, you can rest assured that you will be receiving products of the highest calibre possible and in good time.

To help us achieve these incredibly important health and safety objectives we ensure that all our employees recognise all of their responsibilities under health and safety legislation whilst at work. We also make a point of informing them of their duty of care to look out for their own safety as well as those around them or anyone that could be effected by their actions. This is done by setting out these stipulations in the employee handbook which is made available to anyone that is employed by The Brownlow Heat Transfer Ltd.

The Brownlow Heat Transfer Ltd Quality Policy

Our quality policy is such that the director shall have executive responsibility for quality and the organisational freedom of the company. He has the authority to adhere to his responsibilities without any hindrance whatsoever. The Brownlow Heat Transfer Ltd will never knowingly settle for any performance that is less than exact in any activities it undertakes. The company is also utterly committed to continually improve the effectiveness of all of its operations and will review its quality objectives regularly – these are laid out in the quality management system. The Brownlow Heat Transfer Ltd will also ensure that any appropriate action will be taken to control any deficiencies in their systems that may hinder the company from meeting any of these objectives.